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How I came to love Camano Island

Love Camano Island
Seattle Real Estate | Gerhard Ade

How I came to love Camano Island.

If you really want to get to know a city, a county, or an entire region of the United States, I recommend a career in real estate. In 2002 when I started out as a newcomer to the area I had no idea where Camano Island was. I still meet a few people who have lived in Seattle for years and haven’t heard about this special place. Somehow, it exists in the shadow of the better-known Whidbey, Bainbridge, and the San Juan Islands.

It all started in the parking lot of a bank where my wife engaged another woman in a conversation. The strangers became quick friends – it seems only women know how to do this – and sometime later her friend needed the help of a real estate agent. More precisely, her mother did. And her mother lived on Camano Island.

To my surprise, no boat ride was required. After a leisurely 75-minute drive I pulled up in front of a pleasing rambler at Pleasant Lane. I listed the home and it sold at full price just twelve days later. That was in March of 2005.

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Should you buy a second home or a larger one?

Second home or larger home?
Seattle Real Estate | Gerhard Ade

People on the move

The coronavirus pandemic continues to fuel the red-hot housing market nationwide.

According to Redfin, 14.5 million Americans will relocate in 2021. The main reasons behind this trend are low mortgage rates, expected to remain around 3% and below, and many employers allowing employees to work remotely.

People living in Seattle, are seeking to relocate to the Eastside and other Washington locations such as Bellingham, Spokane, and Wenatchee. Among my clients, one moved from Bothell to Idaho and another bought a second home in Eastern Washington.

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Creative real estate: the reason I keep going

Creative real estate
Seattle Real Estate | Gerhard Ade

For the past 117 months, I’ve published this newsletter – nothing canned, no copy-and-paste stuff, everything from scratch. The average length is about 600 words and most of the visuals are homegrown, too. After the month-end email distribution to about 400 people, I post each newsletter here on my website –

Creative real estate, is it possible?

Creative Real Estate
Adapt to new tools
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